Rocketships & Parachutes - 365 Lessons to launch and land your career

by John Mariotti

Rocketships & Parachutes - 365 Lessons to launch and land your career Rocketships & Parachutes will help readers of all ages, at all career stages, capitalize on their knowledge--to know when and how to “launch" their careers on a new trajectory (Rocketships), and also understand when to find a way "to land” (safely via “Parachutes") after a tackling a challenge that somehow didn’t work out as expected.

  • Steering a path through a turbulent future, in which the old ways are disappearing, to be replaced faster and faster, is critically important.

  • Understanding how and when to take action, lead, follow, manage, strategize and execute are the keys to building a successful career trajectory.

  • Knowing when to grab for a parachute and land in a safe and positive way, is the key to keeping those careers moving onward and upward.

  • Understanding how to work with people of all kinds, of all ages, in different situations, and create positive outcomes--win-win outcome--is a critical skill for the future.

“Rocketships & Parachutes is a GPS for the spirit and the soul. 365 timeless lessons...accumulated through an amazing lifetime of experience, and written as a love letter to life’s weary travelers. I will pass it on to my children as an essential roadmap for their own professional and personal journey.” --Tom Koulopoulos, author of #1 Bestseller, Revealing the Invisible

This is a book where you MUST buy multiple copies. Get 5, 10 or 20, and give them to everyone you care about. It is a gift that will just keep on giving!

  • College grads will realize that it gives them a head start into the world of work--ahead of their peers.
  • Gen-Y (Millennials) will treasure it as if they had an experienced mentor at their fingertips, to keep them climbing.
  • Gen-X-ers who are moving through their mid-career crises, will see how it helps them stand out from the pack, and begin moving up again.
  • Baby Boomers will recognize the years of experience they can tap into, to make their final career climb be the right one.
  • Brilliant Entrepreneurs will find the managerial knowhow and expertise they so badly need, but can’t seem to find.
  • Self-made people, who have built lives and businesses by sweat and hard work, will learn how to climb higher and when to bail out and try again.

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John is one of the greatest business minds of our time. His wisdom and experience have helped so many others launch and land their businesses and careers. This book should be part of everyone’s library for success!” --Dave M. Lukas, Executive & Host of the Misfit Entrepreneur

"John Mariotti has lived an eventful life in business, and it pays to heed the lessons of his years in business. You will be so much better off--more prepared, more valuable, and more wise." -- B. Joseph Pine II, author of Mass Customization and The Experience Economy

“He has written an important book. If we would create our own list of Rocketships and Parachutes moments, we could avoid a lot of problems. For help starting your own list, I can think of no better launching pad than this book." --Rick Maurer, author, Beyond the Wall of Resistance

“...shares a lifetime of wisdom that he makes accessible in a very pragmatic way.”--Scott Alexander, Author of Lead Like a Black Belt

“John … has been there and done it all. …[the] book demonstrates the breadth and depth of his experience as a leader. It is rich with content. … like having a mentor at your fingertips.” --Vice Admiral Ed Straw. USN (retired), Former President, Global Operations, The Estee Lauder Companies

HANDS UP: John Mariotti Returns With A New, Fun And Informative Book

by John Mariotti with John & Tim Sullivan

HANDS UP: John Mariotti Returns With A New, Fun And Informative Book

Mariotti explains how HANDS UP came into being. "After spending a couple of years learning to box, I realized that the lessons about boxing provided great metaphors for lessons in life and work. In fact, the subtitle of this book, “ti’s not about boxing; it’s about changing your life,” was a sign on the wall of the Sullivan Brothers boxing gym. The book came about after a series of sessions discussing the similarities between boxing, work and life. After allowing the nearly finished book to sit for a couple of years, I was encouraged to finish it and get it out where people could enjoy it. Here is the announcement.

HANDS UP is a story about two guys from Columbus, OH who decided to try their idea and fulfill their dream--to own and operate their own boxing gym. They didn't want to become one of the “cookie-cutter” franchise gyms. This was going to be “personal,” because boxing is personal, and the preparation needed, is something that each person must do differently. The Sullivan brothers wanted their gym to appeal to all ages, both genders--in other words--everyone. The reason is simple. The most important lessons in boxing apply equally to life, and work, and that’s what this little book is all about. The lessons line up so well, it's hard to forget them, once you've understood them. Life is hard; work is hard; so is boxing. But anything worthwhile in life, in work, and in boxing takes dedication and hard work. That's why this book is not just about boxing; it’s about changing your life!

You can get "HANDS UP” in both kindle and paperback at AMAZON.COM.

The Chinese Conspiracy

The Chinese Conspiracy

by John Mariotti

John Mariotti's new novel The Chinese Conspiracy poses a huge question: "What Happens When Nothing Works?"

What if all forms of electronic communications and computer controls were "shut down" at once? This is exactly the frightening prospect posed by John Mariotti's new novel, The Chinese Conspiracy. The U. S. government is temporarily helpless, as panic spreads. Evil forces are using global extortion to exact a frightening toll.

Mariotti Expands Writing To Columns, Articles, News Stories & Commentaries

John Mariotti's thoughts will now be available on a wider range of electronic media than ever.

  • As a weekly regular on the brand new digital news magazine -- As a periodic contributor to The Daily Journal .
  • John's long-running bi-weekly commentary in "Telling It Like It Is."