The Time-Shared Executive Advisors

John Mariotti

A unique concept in counsel to management

In today's complex global world of business, no one-indeed no company-can be good enough at everything that must be done to succeed. Neither can any company rely on outside consultants for the core competencies on which its competitive advantage is built. But there is are situations, born of real world pressures on time and manpower, where outside help is critically valuable. These situations-where the management lacks specific knowledge or the experience base, or where the sheer amount that must be done in a given time frame is excessive-where a time-shared executive advisor can be a powerful ally. There is also the case where a company is too small to afford a full-time, high-level executive and a given discipline. A time-shared executive advisor is the perfect solution.

Finally, there is the plight of the President, COO or CEO. Certainly a company cannot afford to have two executives occupying these key positions. Consider the fact that these people seldom have a confidant of comparable experience and knowledge with whom they can discuss pressing issues. To discuss them with subordinates would be a sign of uncertainly, weakness or at least indiscretion. To discuss them with peers-if any exist-is usually undesirable because these peers are competing for the next higher job. To discuss troubling issues, uncertainty, partially thought-out solutions and so forth with the boss or the board is perilous at best, inadvisable at worst.

So who does the President, COO or CEO talk to in an open, honest and no-risk setting? They talk to a time-shared executive advisor like John Mariotti, or in the right situation, another of John's Enterprise Group Affiliates. This is a solution that is so timely, cost effective and practical that it is almost a "no-brainer." Like a owning all of a luxury condo on the beach in Hawaii, the price of having a duplicate of top executive is prohibitive. But the ability to have access to all of the benefits, all of experience, and all of the accumulated wisdom, by paying for only a "time-share" of the time is one of the greatest values around.

There are many areas where John and his colleagues in The Enteprise Group Affiliates can be the absolutely right solution for many companies pressing problems and troubling dilemmas. Listed below are just a few examples of the kind of help John has personally provided in the role of a time-shared executive advisor.

Choose one of these, or describe your situation to John in complete confidence that he or someone in his group will be able to help. We are so confident in this that John offers a money-back guarantee on his own first day(s) fees. There is little or no risk and a huge reward. Make the call or send the email today. You'll be happy you did.

A Few of the Specific Areas Where John Has Helped Others:

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